BiodiversityView provides on demand UK coverage, identifying habitats together with their condition assessment and a confidence indicator. Map Impact is a partner of UKHab and outputs are aligned with its Defra mandated habitat classification system.

  • On-demand reporting of biodiversity condition and net gain/loss every 50 metres.
  • Metrics are derived from satellite imagery, which allows objective trend analysis over time through an accessible archive.
  • Outputs are highly flexible, allowing for seamless data integration into GIS systems (including QGIS and ESRI).

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a credit scheme forcing developers to enhance nature instead of depleting it.

  • During pre-application discussions, developers and Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) must assess potential sites for biodiversity.
  • BiodiversityView’s metrics facilitate instant assessments.
  • This establishes a baseline for biodiversity and effective communication between both parties.

The UK government has committed to preserving 30% of the land and sea in the country for nature restoration by 2030, also known as 30x30.

With BiodiversityView, stakeholders have access to an on-demand view of habitat types and their condition scores, which enables them to make informed decisions when targeting nature restoration.

BiodiversityView provides an off-the-shelf dataset for England, Scotland, and Wales, which can be accessed via an API plugin for GIS systems.

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