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July 20, 2023

Map Impact invited to join The UK Green Building Council

The UK Green Building Council (#UKGBC for short) is the membership led organisation providing the voice for sustainability within the built environment. UKGBC is a highly active user community, influencing policy and advocating emissions reduction. There is close alignment with the Map Impact vision that people and nature can develop harmoniously.

Our attention was initially drawn to UKGBC as we looked to increase our understanding of new Environmental legislation and the impacts it is having on urban development. We were particularly impressed with the concise summaries of Biodiversity Net Gain provided within UKGBC Factsheets, and have been actively sharing these with collaborators as we develop our biodiversity screening and monitoring products. These represent just one small part of a wide archive of resources that are open to all.

Map Impact has gone through an application process, and is very proud to have been accepted as an Innovative Start Up member within this community. As part of the process, we have laid out our commitment to continually lowering our own emissions, whilst at the same time advocating and influencing others to do do the same – we believe that the environmental focus of Map Impact’s products and services can provide the evidence to support organisations in reaching their climate and nature related goals. We’re really excited to be engaging and collaborating with like minded peers as we bring satellite technology to a new user base.

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